There has never been a better time to focus on growing your haircutting business. 

Why are some professional haircutters able to create six figure, $100,000+ incomes while others are struggling to earn enough to pay their bills?

Why do some professional haircutters build a huge clientele while others cannot fill their chair or their appointment book?

And why are some haircutters frustrated with their career while others are loving their place in the business?

In this free workshop, The Keys to Becoming a $100,000 Haircutter, I will share the answers to these questions so you too can explore becoming be a $100,000 haircutter

In this free 4-part workshop, you'll learn:

  • How to jump start your high-earner efforts so you can achieve the income and career you're hoping for.

  • How to transform your mindset, work through mind-block and frustration and help you get on the right track and moving faster in your career.
  • How to build successful long-term client relationships by following a seven-step haircut consultation level-up system to help you improve your haircut client consultations and client relationship building. 
  • The blueprint and steps involved in the $100,000 Haircutter System

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The first training kicks off on October 1st!

$100,000 Haircutter Workshop Schedule

Thursday, Oct 1

In this session, you'll learn my step one for creating a six-figure haircut income.

Monday, Oct 5

You'll learn how to level up the effectiveness of your haircut client consultations. 

Wednesday, Oct 7

You'll learn the exact blueprint that for building $100,000 haircutter careers.

Friday, Oct 9

You'll learn how you can be a $100,000 haircutter, year after year, with ease.

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